Why groom cats

Every cat has a greasy coat.

You may not be aware of it if you haven’t given your cat a degreasing bath and blow dry.

A cat with a greasy coat, combined with shedding hair, is the reason cats develop knots and, eventually, a matted coat.

Regular grooming (consisting of a bath and blow dry on all cats), will significantly reduce any maintenance you may find yourself needing to do on your cats at home.

Certain coat types need more frequent bathing/grooming to be able to prevent the development of knots, mats or hairballs.

Regular grooming visits from Pampered Pussycats Mobile service will allow you to enjoy your puss cats', worry free.

Cats mat, and thats a fact.

Whether short or long haired, purebred or 'just a moggy',

all cats shed, and

all cats have oily skin


A regular degreasing bath and blow dry service will reduce the following:

• Shedding!

• Allergies to your cat

• Hairballs

• Mats

• Waxy Ears

• Dreadlocks

• Eye discharge

• Dandruff

• Fleas

• A dirty, smelly coat

• Litter stuck in paws

• Long sharp claws

• Build up on rear end


Remember - A Groomed Cat is a Happy Cat

Is your cat 'clean'?

What do we mean by "clean"?

Does it mean freshly washed with shampoo and water? Or does it mean licked all over and covered in cat spit? If "clean" means the former, then it follows that someone must scrub the cat with shampoo and rinse with water to remove grime, germs, dead skin, urine, spit, faeces, litter and whatever elese may collect in a cats coat. If "clean" means the latter - the the act of a cat licking itself will suffice. Facts Cats have skin and hair. Skin and hair does not clean itself. Cats are prone to matting, fleas, dandruff, dander, ingrown nails, dirty bottoms and other nasty stuff. Either a cat will 'wash' itself - or a person must do it for them. Does your cat need a bath? - if you want a life with less shedding - if you dislike hairballs - if you are not a fan of dried faecal matter, urine or other bottom nasties on your cat - if your cat is matted or has tangled hair - if you want a truly clean cat - if you want a fluffy, soft cat with soft, silky hair Then a bath and blow-dry is the answer for you!

The benefits of a regular bath and blow-dry include - a clean, fluffy kitty that feels good - less shedding - fewer hairballs - trimmed nails that are less likely to damage furniture or skin, or grow into the cat's pads - a clean bottom that doesn't have any litter box 'surprises' attached - no more mats - ever - minimal at-home grooming requirements - less tear staining - no more flea problems (when combined with at-home treatment - fewer allergy issues (for both cat and people) - a beautiful kitty that others will admire


Contact FurBaby Pet Care to learn more about caring for your favourite feline TODAY.

A groomed cat is a Happy Cat

A Happy Cat comes from being on a regular schedule of bathing and blow drying.

This means that you have more time to enjoy your kitty with less shedding

less hairballs

less allergies

less mats and tangles

Benefits of a mobile service

  • The key benefit of a mobile service is that you and your pussycat do not need to travel further than the end of your own driveway.

  • Time in the cat carrier is kept to a minimum so that stress on your kitty is kept to a minimum

Minimum mobile service 'call out' fee is $35

(this is to cover time and travel costs) If a 'travel fee' is applicable, this is payable in lieu of the 'call out' fee and must be paid in order to confirm your groom.


As a mobile service, our minimum requirements are

  • Access to a hose or tap within 20m

  • Kerbside or easy/flat driveway access

  • Drive through street or ability to turn car and trailer for easy egress

  • Cat in carrier, ready for transport to the mobile

  • Payment is via direct deposit or cash only



The following circumstances are considered as a 'cancellation'

- the appointment is cancelled or re-scheduled within 48 hours of the appointment time

- you forget your appointment

- you are not home and your cat is not reachable when we arrive

- cannot locate your cat

- do not have a secure carrier and your cat escapes in transit to the mobile

- you are unable to provide the mobile service requirements A $65 re-booking fee is due and payable prior to a new appointment time being confirmed.

- If the groom is unable to be completed safelty due to behaviour or medical/health reason for your cat groom fees will be applied

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